Happy Anniversary

A year ago you made me a very happy woman, a beaming bride. Time has passed but my love for you has not diminished, my appetite remains strong. I long to re-create that special moment and to devour you once again. Happy anniversary, wedding food.

Gather round y'all and feast your eyes on a photographic tribute to the buffet of Southern classics served at my wedding in Savannah, GA, last May. Fiddly fine dining is not welcome at a party in these parts. Spicy shrimp-n-grits, tomato pie, mac-n-cheese, fried chicken, and peach cobbler — at a wedding? Yes ma'am!

Grab a plate and pile it high...


Frying Pan Cake

Say "upside-down cake" to someone and just watch their face. Their eyebrows may elevate in delight. A smile will start to spread and an "oooh" may form on their lips. In the lexicon of recipe titles, this one is near the top of the fun list. Its topsy-turvy name and nostalgic appeal is so stellar even Diana Ross sang this baked treat a groovy tribute.

While upside-down cake shouts good times, it also invites thoughts of panic about 'the moment' of turning said cake on its head, and brings to mind the need for specialty baking pans, which you probably don't own and would have to run out and buy in order to make it.

Stop. Stay where you are. All you need to bake this cake is… a frying pan. That’s right, gyrate on into the kitchen and whip out your skillet. It’s baking time.


Tasting Menus: Padstow, Cornwall

Edible highlights of a mini-break in Padstow, Cornwall. 'Tis a lovely little place by the sea, its size belied by the numerous opportunities for eating and drinking well.

Fifteen Cornwall

Just a few miles down the coast from Padstow is Watergate Bay, a stunning sweep of beach with a Jamie Oliver restaurant/charity tucked into its side. Before any food hits your table you'll already be impressed by the uninterrupted view of sand, sea, and many surfers. I was attracted to this restaurant for its position and lunch offer, a three course set menu for £27.  Seemed a good time and place to try a Jamie joint for the first time. The menu offers a taste of fine-dining in a beachy, bright place, buzzing with happy staff and casually dressed diners. Naturally I was tempted away from the set menu, by a starter not included in the deal — 'Insalata of gooey burrata, St Enodoc asparagus, Buttervilla's funky leaves with orange and poppy seed dressing'. You had me at gooey, Jamie.

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