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Pull up a chair and I'll dish out the week's edible highlights, oddities and amusements...
  • Time to wade into the cheese wars, my friends. Be warned, it gets stinky. This week was saw former Blur bassist turned farmer Alex James launch a range of flavoured Cheddar cheese at Asda. He'd previously gained cred in the food world producing an award-winning goat cheese, so this transition to processed cheese 'blankets' and pre-cut melting cubes in flavours such as Cheddar & Salad Cream and Cheddar & Tikka Masala had the Twitterati tutting...


Tasting Menus: Portland, Maine

After five steamy days in New York City we drove north — the heatwave followed us, but we fought back with a breezy sunset sail and buckets of ice cream. Stay cool as I dish out some edible highlights of a few day's respite in Portland, ME.


Tasting Menus: New York City (Brunch!)

There are many things I miss about living in New York City, but the brunch scene has got to be in the top five. Typically it went like this: Sunday you wake up late, feeling slightly woozy from the previous night's libations. Then whenever it takes your fancy you head out to meet friends for happy plates of comforting food, washed down with spicy, reviving Bloody Marys.

At least, that's how I remember it was back then. Now I'm a visitor in town; I arrive at brunch before noon, usually with assorted family members, bummed to hear there's a long wait. By the time we sit down everyone's starving and grumping. Maybe the scene has changed, or more likely, maybe we've just gotten old. Anyway, the consistent crowds are a sign of just how well this city's restaurants can turn out a brunch and I encourage you to go. Like walking over the Brooklyn Bridge or arguing with a taxi driver, it's a classic New York City experience.


Tasting Menus: New York City (Lunch, Dinner, Drinks)

I'm back from a holiday in the USA, adapting to a five hour time difference, lack of daily brunch, and a 25 degree temperature drop. Yes, we timed our visit perfectly with The Heatwave. I sought a good dose of summer weather, and Mother Nature wrapped me in a sweaty bear hug. If only my body could conserve that 100 degree heat and dole it out when the English summer is chilling me to the bone.  Anyway, enough on the weather, there is SO much good menu tasting to report! Following are some amazingly delicious yet affordable dining and drinking suggestions...

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