Pumpkin and Rice Soup with Za'atar Croutons Recipe

If it looks as though I've been applying fake tan lately I can explain. I've been eating a LOT of pumpkin; so much that an orange hue has surely seeped into my pores by this point. I've tried a few new pumpkin recipes, in search of an interesting dish full of flavor and spice. The one I'm sharing with you here, which the writer calls 'the comfort blanket of the Middle Eastern soup world', allows the pumpkin's flavour to shine as it crackles with an exotic mix of spices.

Around this time of year cheery jack-o-lantern festooned recipes crop up everywhere, all calling for pumpkin as their primary ingredient. Frustratingly most pumpkin recipes I've seen give no guidance on what type of pumpkin is best to use, thus many cooks undoubtedly buy a big orange guy and are disappointed with the results. It's become common practice to substitute butternut squash for pumpkin, as 'carving' pumpkins have flesh that is quite watery and tasteless.


Tasting Menus: Spuntino, Soho, London

Is it possible to be simultaneously sleek and comforting? Cool yet cosy? Spuntino, the popular 'diner' in Soho, is like Kate Moss's greedy twin, devouring carbs and heavy cream then licking her lips with delight. She's on-trend and she unabashedly loves food.

As a former New Yorker I had a strong sense of deja vu as I approached Spuntino. There is no sign out front, just a black facade with a building number. They don't take reservations. Even the website is elusive, seemingly designed by the creators of Lost. The interior wall tiles bring to mind the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. The friendly staff are tattooed and pierced. And the dangling exposed light bulbs, well whoever created those things must sleep on a towering bed of cash. Tis the ubiquitous lighting of all establishments working a vintage look.

But there ain't nothing wrong with all of the above. These qualities combine for an attractive little place that adds a hint of downtown NYC to London. Why, it's even in Soho.


Remedy Quarterly Article Featuring Blackberry and Apple Crumble Recipe

In this screen-staring age it's still nice to be a part of a publication that you can hold in your hands and feel proud of.

I recently wrote an article for Remedy Quarterly, a gorgeous food journal published in Brooklyn, NY. Started by friends who wanted to document and share food memories and recipes, it's now on its sixth edition. 

'Stealing' is the theme of the latest issue, to which I contributed. I'm thrilled with how the finished pages look, and have really enjoyed reading the other pieces. Help support independent, creative and environmentally-friendly publications! These 100% ad-free booklets are sold online and at these stockists. And they smell nice too, like a book that's sat on the shelf a while.

To read the article click on the images below or click Page 1 and Page 2 to download full sized images. Try the Blackberry and Apple Crumble recipe, it's a much-loved British classic, perfect for this time of year. There are plenty of apples out there waiting to be plucked and put to good use...

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